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Shine Or Go Crazy (2015) putlockers cafe

Shine Or Go Crazy Episode 24 Putlockers

Director: Son Hyeong-Seok

Genres: Drama, Psychological, Sci-Fi
Stars: Oh Yeon-Seo, Lim Ju-Hwan, Ryu Seung-Soo, Kim Roe-Ha, Shin Seung-Hwan, Ji Su-Won, Heo Jeong-Min, Kim Sun-Young, Ahn Kil-Kang, Jung Woo-Sik, Na Hye-Jin, Kim Pub-Lae, Lee Eun-Woo, Kim Young-Sun, Kang Ki-Young, Park Hyun, Hyuk Jang, Lee Ha-Nui, Lee Deok-Hwa, Nam Kyoung-Eub
Language: English
Quality: HD
Shine Or Go Crazy (2015) story: Wang So was born a prince of Goryeo, but because a prophecy foretells that he will turn the country into a river of blood, he is exiled from the palace and shunned by the royal family. One day, he meets Shin Yool, who is the Last Princess of Balhae. She was born with the fate of becoming the light for another country. Because of her fate, she faces death.

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